What will my cake cost ?
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As you compare pricing for cake sizes, be sure you look at servings per cake.
At Tahoe Bakery, we believe everyone should get a good slice of cake.
For example, other bakers may sell you a 12" round for serving 35 people.
With us, 12" should only serve 28 people.
We can adjust for you larger or smaller servings, but you never want to run out of cake!

Sizing and cutting guide

Best way to find out, CONTACT US!

Pricing on a cake is almost as unique as the cake itself. There will be some bakers that will list prices, but ultimately there is fine print somewhere. Prices are affected by your flavor choices, fruit, fondant, flowers, edible decorations, sizes, fillings, accessories, delivery, cake cutting, side cakes, etc. We are here to discuss your cake dreams, provide you options, and give you an accurate estimate. Call us to design the cake you want or work in some ideas to get the price you need.

Here are some general ideas we have adapted from Sharon Naylor of Bridal Guide magazine that might help you:

As you begin to imagine your cake, the number-one rule to keep in mind is that it's the labor - the time spent constructing, icing and detailing - that determines most of the cost. Custom cake designing is a labor intensive skill that raises the costs over any supermarket cake. Ingredients, size and shape also comes into play but not usually as much.

Quite often cakes are priced per slice. This is a way to compare pricing, but not very accurate. Remember, the price is vastly determined by the labor. The more custom and detailed, the higher the price. A default $X per slice pricing will basicaly get you a default cake.

It's OK to choose a smaller, two- to three-tier wedding cake for your display and cake-cutting, and then have side cakes available for slicing to server all your guests. We do not recommend serving sheet cakes from a supermarket but having your baker create single tier, less ornate cakes is much less time consuming, which will save you some money. Honestly, it's insulting to a baker to serve grocery cakes because guests will assume they are made by baker and the taste of a grocery cake cannot compare to the scratch taste the baker makes. Work with your baker and make the best decision for you.

Have your cake in single layers, but displayed across fancy cake platters arranged at different heights. Again, single cakes take less time than stacking and decorating a grander tiered cake.

Consider a square tiered cake. A square cake will usually feed more guests, since it's easier to cut it in a grid pattern and get a larger number of servings from each tier.

Shaped cakes are one of a kind, but they have waste and take longer to create. You can focus on a standard size/shape and then decorate as elaborate as you wish.

To save some money, choose buttercream frosting over fondant coverings. The extra effort that goes into rolling out and applying fondant can add 25% to the cost. Whereas it's beautiful and smooth, most of your guests will throw fondant out.

A single or couple larger sugar-paste or fondant decorations can be less expensive than a multitude of small detail pieces. Also consider real lace, real flowers, or even fruit. These are less time consuming which can relate to cost savings. Sometimes florists can provide some of their extra flowers that would normally be thrown away due to broken stems at a deep discount.

**Remember, this is your day or the cake you are ordering is for a loved one. Order what you want, the way you want it, and ENJOY!

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